Guest Book for Alice (Santoian) Ovian

Provided by Jackman Funeral Home

Posted by: Ken Burgess
Mon May 02, 2016
Alice and Ed Ovian were two of the most wonderful and warm hearted people I have ever met.

It was my good fortune to be exposed to their kindness, and be welcomed into their home.

Whether it was offering some recently made pie, cake, or Armenian dish (Kheyma?) I had never tried before, Alice was always trying to make sure any guest in her home was taken care of.

It is only many years later, with kids of my own, and knowing the disruption having ( a few) kids in addition to my own running around the house and raiding the fridge is, can I reflect back and truly appreciate how special and caring Alice truly was.

After a dozen years of traveling the world 'in service to my country' I finally returned home, to the states for good;  I went to see grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles... but it wasn't until I finally made a stop in to see the Ovians that I felt I had truly been to see everyone in my family.
And despite everything, the years, the minor change in appearance, mode of travel, and slightly more eccentric personality. I was welcomed back in, and offered a snack, and at that moment, it really didn't seem like I had been gone that long at all.

My sincerest condolences to Ed, Carrie, and their familes and friends.